Description of Infinite Galaxy (MOD Unlimited MOney coins) for android

MOD ID: com.camelgames.ig

This is a sci fi game with space RPG gameplay. The game takes place in the vast openness of space. In the tranquil galaxy, everyone is secretly cultivating power. A turbulent wave of galaxy wars is about to begin.

The ruthless control exerted by the Empire over the Andromeda Galaxy has created countless resistance.
In the endless galaxy burns the eternal flame of war.
We’re the Robin Hood of the stars, probing the Andromeda Galaxy and opposing tyranny.
But the Empire plots its counterstrike in the shadow…

An endless galaxy awaits our exploration.
Marvelous spaceports await our expansion.
Vast star fleets await our command.

In this rich sci-fi tale of a 3D galaxy, you will mine resources, defeat freebooting pirates, encounter one moving story after another. Cement alliance with like-minded commanders, seize one great star system after another, claim stars as your own.
Allegiances cross or shift as star systems are won or lost until a true successor to the Empire emerges.

Spaceports are extremely futuristic bases constructed by JAGO Tech. There are countless wondrous technology and facilities for us to research and build.

Crew members aid a commander in operating a spaceport. More competent crew members mean a more powerful spaceport. Each member has a different background to reflect the various novel aspects of life in the stars.

The flagship leads a fleet. Different flagships offer different advantages and options to battle strategy. It’s time to show your skills, Commander!

Imposing, infinite starry space to show just how small we are in the universe, especially in the presence of colossal stars. Yet, we shall rule those very same stars and star systems.

Innumerable stars and mysteries await our exploration in the endless Andromeda Galaxy. The secrets, whether legendary or even comical, are each a chapter in the annals of space.

So, are you ready, Commander?
Let’s embark on a journey through space!
-Reduced the difficulty of the Starfield Stage Lv.1.
-After the Dispatch Fleet joins the battle or Reinforcements reach the target and when the flying target has already disappeared or for other reasons they can’t join the battle, the Fleet will stop at the spot and won’t automatically withdraw.
-Fixed some text display errors.
-Fixed some UI display errors.

MOD/App Information of Infinite Galaxy for android

App Name Infinite Galaxy
Package Name com.camelgames.ig
Version 0.2.1
Size 841.4 MB
Requirement Android 6.0+
Updated 2020-10-18
Installs 50,000+
Category Games, Strategy

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